Tagged Image File Format is one of the most popular and flexible of the current public domain raster file formats. Here are several resources to help you develop software with this file type.

TIFF 6.0 Specification

TIFF 6.0 Specification (PDF: 385k)
June 3, 1992
The specification, along with product-specific supplements, describes TIFF, a tag-based file format for storing and interchanging raster images.

TIFF Specification Supplement 1 (PDF: 46k)
September 14, 1995
Enhancements for Adobe® PageMaker® 6.0 software

TIFF Specification Supplement 2 (PDF: 311k)
March 22, 2002
Enhancements for Adobe Photoshop® software

TIFF registration

To register a TIFF tag or TIFF compression number, see the TIFF registration form.

TIFF developer resources

If you develop applications that support the TIFF image format, you may find the following information helpful. Note that the ASN does not offer any TIFF support or provide sample TIFF source code or sample TIFF files.

The unofficial TIFF Web page includes an FAQ on TIFF usage.

For more information on TIFF, subscribe to the TIFF mailing list at

There is also a Web site and a mailing list for discussing GeoTiff.