Adobe XMP custom File Info panels

The custom File Info panel for XMP metadata allows you to define, create, and manage custom metadata properties using standard Adobe applications. You can do this by creating a Custom Panel Description file, and placing it in a common location referenced by Adobe applications that support this feature. You can also supply localization dictionary files to localize the contents of your Custom Panel Description files. The resulting custom dialog panel is seen by users when they select the File Info menu option.

The File Info panel allows you to support paths to metadata properties that are not defined in default or other standard XMP schemas, but are needed for your application, company, or industry. By using XMP for that metadata, you take advantage of the potential of XMP for interchange and participation in asset management systems, while providing the ability to use standard Adobe applications to manage it.


Download for Windows®

(ZIP: 238k)

Download for Macintosh

(ZIP: 241k)