Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)

Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a powerful technology that allows you to embed metadata into files. Please explore the resources listed below for tools and information on XMP.

XMP information

Learn about XMP — including key features, licensing, and so forth — and access the XMP white paper and datasheet.

XMP custom file info panels

The custom file info panels for XMP metadata allow you to define, create, and manage custom metadata properties using standard Adobe applications.


The XMP developer knowledgebase contains the latest how tos and known-issue information that is not contained in the PDF documentation.

User to User Forum

The XMP User to User Forum is the place for external product developers to collaboratively share insights, tricks, and tips for using the XMP SDK to develop products. It is also valuable for anyone who is interested in discussing XMP metadata, its specification, and its application to publishing and workflow solutions.

Trademark information

Developers who intend to use the term "XMP" in their product, documentation, or marketing material should read the trademark information.


If you wish to comment on the underlying technology, use the User to User Forum. At least one Adobe engineer is monitoring the messages.