The Marketo Engage platform exposes application programming interfaces that enable developers to interact with Marketo Engage in a variety of ways.  All of the APIs are documented on the Marketo Developers web site. The Marketo REST API is routinely used to build cloud-based, server to server applications.  Independent software vendors leverage the APIs to build integrations that are suitable for use by any customer. 


Step No.

Step Description
Step 1

Become an official Adobe partner

Sign up for the Adobe Exchange Program for Experience Cloud.  

Step 2

Learn the basics of Marketo Engage

Read the documentation on Marketo Help

Step 3

Learn the basics of Marketo REST API

Read the documentation on Marketo Developer Site

Step 4

Access Partner Sandbox

Login and step through the Quick Start Guide

Step 5

Build the Integration

Use Marketo Developer Site as reference to build your integration.  Guidance on development best practices can be found here.  

Step 6

List your integration on the Adobe Exchange Program Experience Cloud

Make your integration discoverable. Learn more here

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