Creative Cloud Developer Submission Guidelines


These guidelines are intended to help create the best experience possible for our customers. We want any extension, plugin or app submitted to Adobe Creative Cloud to reflect the values of our company. We encourage you to push technical boundaries while creating an experience that is safe and adds value for our Creative Cloud users.

We want to help you get your extensions, plugins and apps in the hands of our customers faster. We have lots of resources within this document to help you become familiar with the Adobe ecosystem, understand our technical requirements and avoid common errors that will delay your submissions from being published. We’ll cover the following areas; Technical, Content, Marketing and Legal, as well as let you know what to expect before and after your submissions.

With this community, we’re stretching the bounds of creativity. We can’t wait to see what we create together.


Table of Contents

Before you submit

The following content provides policies and guidance for submitting an extension, app or plugin for Adobe to review for use with Creative Cloud applications. We want to work with you to create the best experience possible for our joint customers.

These policies are meant to help you move through our approval process as quickly as possible. All submitted extensions, plugins, apps and related content will go through the Adobe integrations review team for review. If you’re in violation of any of these policies, your application will be rejected and you will need to re-submit your application with the requested changes. Adobe’s integrations review staff will respond to your application and assist you with the approval and submission process so your extension, app or plugin can be published and live as quickly as possible.



You are bound by the terms of use set forth in your agreement with Adobe.


We will only approve extension, plugin, apps and content that conforms to Adobe’s guidelines and Terms of Use, and that pass our approval process. All content submitted will be reviewed by our Adobe integrations review team. We will move through the following submission checklist for each extension, plugin or app.

Prior to submitting

Ensure that the following information is outlined, set up or documented in advance of submission for our Adobe integrations review team to review.

Access credentials

Prior to submission, if your extension, plugin or app requires a special username/password or code or serial number, we expect developers to pre- create an account and provide an account and the credentials to the Adobe integrations review team. Be sure to include this information when you submit your extension, plugin or app for approval.

Additional fees

Any additional fees or subscriptions — including fees charged by a third party company for integrated services — must be included in the opening paragraph of the long description field so that it is clear to the customer what fees, if any, are applicable.

Support Contact

Customers need to know how to reach you with questions and support issues. Ensure you provide an easy way for customers to contact you and that your support contact email and/or URL remains up to date.

Submission Checklist

  • Your product must not cause crashes, system errors, or any major failures.
  • Your extension, plugin or app must install without error.
  • Your extension, plugin or app must be accessible from within all Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications and versions you have said your extension, plugin or app is compatible with. For example, if you said your extension, plugin or app is compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign we will expect to be able to use it with those stated Creative Cloud applications and supported versions, where applicable.
  • Your extension, plugin or app should provide a stable, responsive user experience.
  • Your extension, plugin or app should have all the functionality that is described in the description and documentation.
  • Performance checklist:
    • Your extension, plugin or app must not noticeably degrade the performance of the host application.
    • Performance should be at or near the native speeds of the host application.
    • Your extension, plugin or app should load in a timely manner.


When it comes to submitting content for review, we encourage our developers to use their best judgement. Any extension, plugin or app to an Adobe product is a reflection on Adobe and our developer community and is accessible by all users. We encourage you to use your best judgment when submitting content for review and to ensure that your submitted content is reflective of your brand. Extensions, plugins or apps must reflect the brand and usage of that company’s product. For example, naming your listing, “AAAA extension” will lead to a rejection.

Please use the policies guidelines below for additional guidance.

Inappropriate Content

  • No adult content.
    • No extensions, plugins or apps  may contain intense violence, blood, gore, sexual content, nudity or strong language.
  • No malicious content of any kind.
    • Extensions, plugins or apps  may not contain or promote (for example) phishing, spamming, hacking, password trafficking, spyware, or contain malware, trojans, or viruses. All submissions are run through a virus and malware scan to ensure that the codebase is free of malware. If we find evidence of a virus or malware your packaged file will either fail to upload or be rejected.
  • No illegal or questionable content.
    • Extensions, plugins or apps  may not contain or promote illegal or highly-regulated activities. For example, pharmaceutical sales, promotions or sweepstakes, alcohol or tobacco sales.
    • Extensions, plugins or apps  may not violate intellectual property rights. For example, apps may not promote DRM circumvention, or contain copyrighted or trademarked content belonging to someone else.
    • Extensions, plugins or apps may not promote hatred, violence, or bullying. For example, apps may not contain hate speech, or promote or enable cruel behavior towards others.

Appropriate Logo Usage

Adobe logos are easily recognized by our customer base but they are always slightly changing color, formatting and feel. Developers must follow our Adobe Creative Cloud Developer Brand Guide to ensure that we’re always aligned on appropriate logo usage.

You can only use our trademarks with our permission. Developers that create their own Adobe logos or use Adobe logos without permission will have their content rejected. Examples of appropriate use of logos are below.

After you submit

If you’ve submitted an extension, plugin or app, congratulations! You’re well on your way to getting your solutions into the hands of customers. Our capable teams are working on new submissions every day, so depending on volumes it can be up to 10 business days before you hear a response from us. Thank you for being patient with us as we ensure we take a close look at your submissions. Once we’ve reviewed your submission, we’ll reach out letting you know if your submission was approved or rejected and any next steps.

Approved submissions should follow our Marketing Brand Guide (details below) for how to promote your integration while complying with Adobe guidelines.


Your extension and listing must not violate the trademarks and copyrights of Adobe, Inc., or those of any other party. To learn more, see the Adobe Creative Cloud Developer Brand Guide.

This Guide includes best practices for brand assets in marketing, press release and social media guidance and is the best spot to get our most up to date assets. Here you’ll also find information for how to publicize and promote your extension, plugin or app once it’s approved. If you have any questions about proper or approved us, please contact

During the submission process, please keep engaged with us by reading our Adobe Tech Blog. We’re also available to answer any direct questions you may have if you e-mail Please note that this inbox will have delayed responses due to the number of queries. We look forward to working with you.