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For over 20 years, Comosoft has provided retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, and agencies with industry-leading solutions for multichannel marketing operations. With offices and customers in Europe and North America, Comosoft is adept in navigating the challenges of marketing to diverse audiences in multiple regions and languages. Our flagship product, LAGO, is an end-to-end multichannel planning, production, and proofing solution with a built-in workflow engine.

Product and Solutions

Comosoft LAGO, a multichannel marketing solution, tightly integrates PIM (product information management), DAM (digital asset management) and production workflow functionality, empowering users with unrivaled efficiency, transparency and automation opportunities. LAGO’s workflow engine keeps production, planning and execution flowing with automated task assignment and reporting, creating proofs and previews automatically or on demand. LAGO is a true multichannel system, providing the ability to easily create content for multiple channels simultaneously–in multiple versions and languages. Our bi-directional Data Placeholder technology links project data directly to its system of record, ensuring data accuracy and synchronicity throughout the entire production process, from planning to output.

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

With our exclusive InDesign plugin, Comosoft LAGO enables visibility into assets (DAM) and data (PIM), as well as the proofing and workflow modules–all without leaving InDesign. LAGO’s advanced, logic driven templates also help to automate page building and ensure consistent branding. LAGO helps design and production personnel focus on design and production, instead of the hunting and gathering of assets and data.
Comosoft LAGO is also integrated with Photoshop (via plug-in) to provide a seamless asset management solution. With this integration, we’re able to offer direct image check-in/out as well as automated import and export. Combined with its powerful workflow engine, LAGO enables seamless asset production and management.

Comosoft LAGO utilizes Adobe InDesign Server to create previews, proofs, and final output throughout the production workflow. The creation of these assets can be triggered manually or automatically by workflow status.

Key Differentiators

Comosoft LAGO is more than just a PIM and a DAM–it’s both of those things with an integrated, highly sophisticated workflow engine that enables full visibility into the entire production process as well as automated creation and delivery of proofs and final output.
Our Adobe InDesign plug-in is unlike any other plug-in out there–we’ve taken functionality from both our PIM and DAM and allowed design and production staff unprecedented visibility into all aspects of assets, data, and workflow, without ever leaving InDesign.
Great content is nothing without data accuracy–especially in the world of commerce. By utilizing our proprietary Data Placeholder technology, LAGO ensures that any data (SKU, price, copy etc.) used in any project is directly linked to the system of record–data updates are automatic until the specified workflow stage. By linking data in this manner, product and offer data can be finalized later in the production process allowing for up-to-the-minute changes, right before output.

Customer Case Study

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