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65bit Software has been at the forefront of Adobe InDesign development since 2003, and continues to invest in providing our class-leading Database Publishing solution, EasyCatalog.



EasyCatalog, our flag-ship product, has been developed to be the best in class Database Publishing product for Adobe InDesign. By taking data directly from your database, PIM, or Asset Management database into your InDesign layouts, EasyCatalog can drastically reduce production time and increase overall accuracy.

Layout production can also be automated using the optional Pagination Module and for users with more advanced requirements - or for those wanting to use InDesign Server - the Scripting Modules adds additional automation options.

EasyCatalog is being used by thousands of customers around the world to produce brochures, catalogs, price lists, directories, and technical specification sheets. Using InDesign Server customers are also producing point-of-sale materials that are shipped overnight to their stores, allowing price changes to be implemented swiftly and accurately.


EasyCatalog is available on the desktop in Adobe InDesign and, for server-based solutions, in Adobe InDesign Server. A number of optional modules are available which gives you the ability to choose the functionality that you need.

We also offer a ‘lite’ version of EasyCatalog which can be used for simple link-and-update tasks where automation is not required.


EasyCatalog is available with a number of optional modules to add automation (using the Pagination Module) and for integrating with a variety of data sources.

EasyCatalog can import data from:

• A simple delimited text file (such as CSV or tab-delimited)
• An ODBC-compliant database
• An Excel file
• An XML file or XML provided by a URL endpoint
• A variety of PIM and Asset Management systems

EasyCatalog can also driven via AppleScript, ExtendScript and VBScript using the Scripting Module.


From the start, EasyCatalog was designed to make the sometimes-complex task of Database Publishing as user-friendly as possible. The aim was to allow data to be imported in to an InDesign layout easy, and to provide automation features that could be configured without having to learn a Scripting language or code.

Running directly inside InDesign and InDesign Server, EasyCatalog allows you to use the layout tools you’re familiar with.

To make importing your data even easier, we have recently added additional integrations with third-party PIM and Asset Management systems including Salsify, Sales Layer, ADAM and Elvis with more to follow soon.

By offering both a desktop and Server solution, it’s possible to take an automation that you’ve configured on the desktop into InDesign Server and have it up-and-running with only a few lines of ExtendScript.

Customer Case Study

Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycle Corporation have been using EasyCatalog for over ten years to produce their catalogs:

Vancouver, Canada-based Fireboy Creative needed a database publishing solution to produce over 700 newspaper ads with 100% accuracy in the run-up to General Elections:

U.K.-based equestrian and pet wholesaler Trilanco needed a powerful, user-friendly, solution to produce their 760 page catalog and slash production times:


Additional Info Links:Tutorials and Videos

Gabriel Powell, a Certified InDesign Instructor, gives an overview of EasyCatalog in the video podcasts which are available on our web site:





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