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Since 2003, 2imagine develops a Cloud solution to optimize marketing processes. Our brand portal with online WYSIWYG editor for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents is an accessible Cloud or on-premise service. Using REST API’s, the editor can be seamlessly integrated with your current solutions such as DAM, PIM, AEM and others.
We blur boundaries between graphic designers and all stakeholders involved in a production process. More than 100 companies worldwide use 2imagine for their marketing productions: Nivea, Tupperware, BoConcept, Bekaert, DC Comics, advertising agencies and smaller businesses. 2imagine can be purchased direct or through a worldwide network of certified partners.

Product and Solutions

The core product of 2imagine is an online editor for native Adobe InDesign & Illustrator documents, which can be edited from any browser and on any device. This online editor, together with document automation and a workflow, is implemented for different market segments:
• Brand management: collaborate on brand assets with brand control
• Agency: approve design artwork from customers faster with online approval
• Retail: all stakeholders collaborate online on the production of promotional brochures
• Packaging: create, edit and approve Adobe Illustrator documents with 3D preview
• Government: communication manager delegates all marketing and communication artwork online in a preconfigured brand portal

Key Differentiators

• Modern and easy to use online editor (HTML5) for native Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents.
• No training or graphic background needed to edit Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents in a standard browser on any device.
• Online edit without converting the file format (InDesign and Illustrator in and out).
• Edit any Adobe InDesign document, from small to very large documents, with advanced typography and layout.
• Controlled edit restrictions based on roles, document status and predefined layer conventions.
• Easy template configuration - 100% self service by customer admin.
• Support for advanced InDesign features (such as InDesign Books, automatic pagination, document resizing with alternate layouts / liquid layout, libraries, ...)
• Approval and collaboration process engine included.
• Extensive REST API with good documentation, integration code samples and best practices.

Customer Case Study

We serve over 100 brands and businesses worldwide in different markets: brand owners, retailers, packaging, agencies, publishers and NGO/Governments.
Brands such as VolvoTrucks, Nivea, Tupperware, Renault, Yamaha Motor Cycle company, BoConcept, DC Comics, Felco, ThermoFisher and many more.
For all customers, 2imagine implements a brand portal with a collaboration workflow to streamline the production, translation and correction processes. All stakeholders can access, edit and approve Adobe InDesign documents using the online editor with controlled edit restrictions. History reports track and monitor every change within the document.
Customer become more efficient in their marketing productions with a shorter time to market, less errors and more productions in their same budget.
We recommend to visit our website with detailed case studies for different markets: https://www.2imagine.com/case-studies/

Additional Info Links:Tutorials and Videos

Visit our website for up to date video’s, tutorials and webinar recordings: https://www.2imagine.com/tutorials/

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