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Moving publishing technology forward | Moving publishing technology forward. Silicon Publishing is the world leader in online editing and data-driven publishing using Adobe InDesign.


Silicon Publishing is the world leader in online editing and data-driven publishing using Adobe InDesign: we have been delivering best-of-class solutions since the year 2000 for some of the world's top brands including Nike, Google, Amazon, Hallmark, Adobe, and Disney.

As a leading Adobe Authorized Reseller of InDesign Server, Silicon's innovations are driven by some of the founding engineers from the original Adobe InDesign team. Silicon Publishing has built and deployed the largest InDesign Server solutions in the world, serving diverse use cases for web-to-print and dynamic content generation. We have also brought to market more than 30 plugins for Adobe products, in use by tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Product and Solutions


Nucleus is our core engine for administering, load-balancing and job-queuing Adobe InDesign Server. It balances jobs across multiple InDesign Server instances, in both single- and multi-server configurations.

Nucleus handles starting/stopping IDS instances, monitoring server and job health, and logging job activity. Its in-app Dashboard provides details on system and job status, including server load and job run time. This includes multi-tenant functionality, allowing you to independently manage distinct clients or projects across your InDesign Server infrastructure. Nucleus allows for Cloud scaling of InDesign Server on Amazon Web Services or Azure.

Silicon Designer

Silicon Designer, our flagship product, provides a round-trip of InDesign documents, in which templates created in standard desktop InDesign become editable online through a completely customizable interface.

Using an HTML5 front end, Designer lets users create online documents which are ultimately converted back to InDesign format for web and print rendition. The solution is extensible and can be white labeled, with UI customization made fast and easy through standard web technologies such as CSS and web components. RESTful web services and JavaScript APIs provide seamless integration with Adobe Experience Manager, shopping carts, and other systems, while output is delivered with the precision, reliability and scalability of Adobe InDesign Server.

Silicon Paginator
Silicon Paginator is a powerful platform that flows variable data and dynamic content through InDesign templates with InDesign Server. The core engine binds data to InDesign objects to produce a wide range of output types, ranging from 1:1 marketing campaigns, to catalogs, financial statements, insurance documents, or virtually any dynamic content you can imagine.
Paginator can ingest data from various sources, including relational data, XML, JSON, CSV, or nearly any other structured format. It offers rich administrative tools managing the ingestion of data and optimized, load-balanced composition from InDesign Server. Designers can easily create data-aware templates in desktop InDesign that serve as the foundation for data-driven publishing workflows. Paginator is highly extensible, interoperating with other systems through RESTful web services. Configurable business rules inform sophisticated formatting logic responsive to data flowing through the solution.

Campaign Paginator

A specialized version of the Silicon Paginator product, Campaign Paginator, is laser-focused on 1:1 marketing and variable data workflows, integrating seamlessly with Adobe Campaign, and scaling to any level of throughput.

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

Silicon Connector
Silicon Connector is the most popular plugin in the world for linking the Adobe Creative Cloud to remote digital assets resident in DAMs such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Over twenty leading DAM providers specify Silicon Connector as their default integration to the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Connector was built with a deep understanding of the URL linking within Adobe InDesign, and while we also offer Connectors for Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and XD, the InDesign form of Connector offers direct URL-based linking with unparalleled efficiency. By leaving the assets in a DAM (such as AEM Assets), and working with links rather than file references, InDesign authoring groups experience dramatic gains in productivity, efficiency and consistency.

Key Differentiators

Over the past 18 years, Silicon Publishing has delivered the largest InDesign Server solutions in the world, simultaneously deploying Adobe CC plugins to a vast user base. We have steadily grown and improved our development processes, while continuously refining our offerings. As part of that journey, we have a developed a deep understanding of a broad swath of Adobe technologies, while building a harmonious, dynamic relationship with Adobe as a company. The scale at which we deploy product has bullet-proofed our technologies and methodologies, now supported by ever-improving levels of customer service.

Our great strength lies in the shared skillset of one of the largest and most experienced teams of InDesign developers on the planet. They collaborate across a very broad range of challenges, extending Adobe Creative Cloud technologies to achieve maximum efficiency in authoring, content management, and content delivery. We work at scale with the largest organizations in the world, as well as solving challenges for individual developers.

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