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censhare efficiently manages a variety of content types such as photos, videos, text documents, presentations, PDF files, or product information, for publishing to multiple channels (including web, print and social) in multiple languages on a very large scale. This is made possible by using an innovative semantic database technology, that is incredibly fast at delivering contextualized, highly personalized content.

Product and Solutions

• Digital Asset Management (DAM) - Manages all content assets such as images, videos, text documents, PDFs, or presentations, from creation to editing, transformation and use in media.
• Product Information Management (PIM) – Makes product data available for all marketing activities. Adds links to related information like marketing material, product specifications, prices, media, or usage rights.
• Omni-Channel Content Management - Manages and transforms content for online channels like mobile, web content and digital outlets.
• Print Production Management - Workflows for all assets and content, allowing catalogs and other printed items to be created, edited and produced in a seamless, collaborative manner.

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

censhare enables clients to manage digital assets and streamline the production of material intended to be published through workflows, collaboration and automation. It integrates page planning and layouts created in Adobe InDesign and texts created in Adobe InCopy. Production can be automated to create updated digital assets and print-ready files.

Key Differentiators

• Content focus – all processes have been optimized to make efficient use of existing resources and unlock the full potential of valuable content
• Seamless integration with Adobe InDesign – Enable everyone in the organization to contribute content to documents that will be finalized for professional printing using Adobe InDesign
• Efficiency – Efficiently create, manage, transform, publish, and distribute content across digital and offline channels
• Shorter production times – Save money and react faster to evolving market trends
• Flexible data integration – Access, integrate, manage, use any data source and file type
• Standardized workflows – Mirror your existing workflows in censhare, and avoid disruption
• Centralized content management – Make content available to everyone who needs it
• Global scale – Easily manage translations and deploy assets globally
• Extremely fast – Enjoy fast search results even for large datasets and complex queries

Customer Case Study

DAM, PIM and CMS Publishing Industry Case Study, Hearst Magazines UK
Hearst Magazines UK uses censhare not only to achieve time and cost savings, but also to ensure the optimization of the quality standards and the topicality of editorial content based on more efficient workflows. Read the full story…

DAM, PIM and CMS Retail Industry Case Study, Migros, Switzerland
Migros, the largest retailer in Switzerland, selected censhare to replace a large number of systems that were involved in the production of advertising materials. This has reduced system complexity and has resulted in tremendous improvements in production reliability and the quality of communication materials. Read the full story…

Print Production Management Automotive Industry Case Study, 7seas, Germany
7Seas marketing process GmbH uses censhare to create the international sales literature of the BMW Group quickly, efficiently and economically for all media in over 50 language versions. The agency designs and produces over 600 catalogues per year with an average of 72 pages each and distributes these through various media channels. Read the full story…

DAM, PIM and CMS Retail Industry Case Study, REWE, Germany
REWE Markt GmbH is part of the REWE Group, a leading trade and tourism cooperative in Europe, employing 330,000 people across 15,000 stores in 20 European countries. For its German customer base, the retailer has implemented a centralized ad media solution. This supports streamlined data management, production processes and team collaboration in one system for all regions and target groups, leading to a 75% more efficient production process and radically reduced risk of errors in product information. Read the full story…

Find more case studies at https://www.censhare.com/uk/client-success/clients

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