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Easypress is the world leading Print and Digital Book software business. With the largest Publishing Corporations globally publishing their print & digital books online.

Product and Solutions

• We start with Atomik Styling Assistant which can provide consistent Word Styling as if you're a SMART* Editor. Dramatic time reductions styling rates can be as quick as a Chapter/Minute - guaranteed consistent styling!
• Automated Typesetting algorithms will typeset your stored manuscripts and lay them out in minutes - you can't tell the difference over a human typesetter.
• Our Print & XML based Digital Atomik engine can output your Book directly to a print ready format or any digital format including EPUB....
• Our advanced workflow allows for online editing of InDesign books via an HTML5 browser. On software installation, every login tracked, every edit recorded - unlimited Asset Repository in the Cloud.
• We already work with the largest book publishers but we're not working with you we guarantee to speed up your production process, reduce your costs and put you back in control!

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

ATOMIK ePublisher fully integrates CC20XX into an SaaS to deliver Manuscript to Print to Digital for all Book Publishers Globally.

Key Differentiators

Easypress does Print & Digital book production online (no touch)! No other publishing services company globally does that!

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