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Typefi is a global leader in automated publishing software for print, web and mobile, helping organizations publish content in more formats—and up to 80% faster—without compromising on design or content integrity. Typefi’s patented AI technology seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe InDesign Server, enabling varied and complex layouts, sophisticated typographical composition, and flawlessly-crafted design—any format, any device—at the click of a button. Innovative technology is only half the story! Typefi’s expert team works closely with each customer to supercharge their publishing workflows, from initial implementation through to advanced customizations, expert-level training, and ongoing support.

Product and Solutions

Typefi for AEM Assets
Typefi for Adobe Experience Manager Assets enables AEM users to create, store, and deliver data-driven print experiences—at scale!
Easily repurpose Experience Fragments across digital and print channels. Dynamically generate brochures, disclosures, fact sheets, reports, white papers, and other data-driven print documents, while maintaining full control of design quality and content integrity.
More: www.typefi.com/adobe-experience-manager-aem/
Say goodbye to bad breaks, overset text, short lines, unbalanced columns, and more!
Typefitter is an automated copyfitting plug-in for Adobe InDesign, enabling you to easily find and fix common issues—without compromising typography.
Free trial: www.typefi.com/typefitter

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

Typefi’s automated publishing platform utilizes Adobe InDesign Server to intelligently render complex layouts using dynamic InDesign templates and design-driven techniques.

Typefi Designer , a suite of plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, empowers graphic designers and production artists to build dynamic design intelligence into new and existing InDesign templates for automation with Typefi.

As Typefi rapidly works through the automatic layout process, it tries different combinations of text, images, and other visual elements, making aesthetic judgements while taking into account a series of rules defined by the template designer. The result is perfectly-crafted documents in whatever formats you need, that look like they were laid out by a human.

Typefi also offers a sophisticated Event Script architecture that augments native InDesign extensibility, providing designers with even more opportunities to save time and effort.

Key Differentiators

Typefi is the world’s only single-source publishing platform that fully integrates print, online and mobile production in a seamless end-to-end automated workflow.
Typefi’s platform:
* Is built and maintained by a global team of experts who are passionate about publishing and design;
* Utilizes patented AI technology to intelligently render complex layouts using design-driven techniques, making aesthetic judgements on element placement as it rapidly works through the automatic layout process;
* Augments native InDesign extensibility with a sophisticated Event Script architecture;
* Provides support for a wide range of third-party plug-ins and scripts;
* Allows users to create flexible, modular publishing workflows that mimic their existing production processes;
* Can automatically output to over 30 formats for print, online, and mobile, including InDesign, print PDF, accessible PDF, EPUB, HTML, XML, and DAISY;
* Can publish in any language;
* Is user-friendly, integrating seamlessly with industry-standard authoring software, content management systems, Adobe InDesign Server and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Customer Case Study

Japanese document solutions company PMC uses Typefi Workgroup to rapidly publish instruction manuals for its manufacturing clients—including Pioneer and Makita—in multiple languages.
"Typefi is one of the fastest publishing engines based on InDesign. In the past six years we have published approximately 500,000 pages with Typefi." - Tomonori Sano, PMC

The Institutes
Professional development provider The Institutes dramatically increased output from four new products per year to 80 within five years of implementing Typefi alongside a Content Management System (CMS).
“It was important that any new system be able to deliver print textbooks of the same professional design and quality our customers were used to. Typefi is the only automated XML software that handles complex layouts to a professional standard.” - Paul Illian, The Institutes

Scientific membership organization FASS reduced journal composition time by 50% and now automatically integrates math and scientific notation into its output without coding.
“Typefi combined our need for highly automated batch pagination with the ease of use of Adobe InDesign and replaced a labor-intensive, manual typecoding process.” - Louise Adam, FASS

Apa Publications
UK-based publisher of Insight Guides and Berlitz travel guides reduced production time for 400+ visually rich print titles by 50%, improved design consistency, and now publishes e-books in-house.
“In the first half of the year, we published 17 e-books that we couldn’t have done before.” Astrid deRidder, Apa Publications

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