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Next Generation Publishing Solutions | Miles 33 offers Multi-Channel Solutions for media companies that cover every aspect of advertising and editorial.


Miles 33 offers Multi-Channel Solutions for media companies that cover every aspect of advertising and editorial. With products such as the Gemstone Advertising Platform, with Audience Development, built-in CRM and two-way integration to 3rd party AdServers, your advertising campaigns are assured to be highly successful, whether you publish to web, mobile, broadcast, digital or print. Likewise, the GN4 editorial content management system. With client options such Adobe InDesign and InCopy, a “work anywhere” HTML5–based client or the industry specific Page Designer, you have unlimited flexibility in how, or where, you work.

Product and Solutions

Gemstone Suite
Production Tracking
GN4 editorial CMS
GN4 Asset Management Module.

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

• Production of Classified Ads and Semi Display ads is provided by InDesign Server. A headless interface takes ad content and composes the ad using ad templates and stylesheets.
• Display ads are created in InDesign. Ads can be assigned to individuals or teams to work on by the Production Tracking module within Gemstone. Ad creation is managed so that ads are automatically sized, named and stored reducing the risk of mistakes.
• The GN4 editorial system has a Multi-function Plug-In that works in InDesign, InCopy and Photoshop. The Plug-In provides two-way access to content stored in the GN4 editorial database.

Key Differentiators

• Achieve exceptionally high degrees of automation in both advertising and editorial.
• Publish to, and sell into, a Wide Range of publishing channels – you can even define your own channels or destinations and define your own sellable items for total flexibility.
• Enable a fully mobile workforce with the “Work Anywhere”, HTML5 – based, clients (editorial and advertising).
• Full breadth of functionality in all solutions:

Advertising: Integrated CRM, Audience Development, Set Targets and Track performance of sales staff and teams, Single Interface for Digital and Print, Financial Management, Ad Production, Ad Planning, Self-serivce

Editorial: Writing, Layout, Web Publishing, Mobile Publishing, Workflow management, page automation, integrated asset management and archiving, automated content ingestion from external sources and web-to-print workflows.

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