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PRIINT:SUITE – THE LEADING PUBLISHING PLATFORM FOR ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING priint:suite connects your content with the publishing process and generates automated print products, OnDemand publishing and Digital publishing. Worldwide more than 350 customers


Founded in 2003, priint (also known in Europe as Werk II) is committed to print and digital publishing as a key component of multi-channel communication. Since then, our team has shared the same commitment to the product communication industry, and worked every day to support hundreds of customers worldwide. They share the same multi-channel approach to their customers’ commercial communication needs, enabling them to apply solutions at every stage in the workflow chain.

Product and Solutions

Priint:Suite is modular solution with solutions for all phases of the marketing communication material production workflow. These modules work can be customized and combined to meet any enterprise publishing requirements.

The priint:publishing hub is the middleware component within priint:suite which connects live different content systems via so called connectors. With the help of priint:publishing hub data sources can be utilized quickly and sustainably. In addition, print specific content can be managed.

The web based applications priint:planner and priint:whiteboard allow the efficient management, planning, creation and monitoring of print publications. InDesign® documents can be generated, edited and annotated within the web interface. This makes it possible to establish a fully digital publishing process. The workflow component enables to monitor and control the publication production. The print pages can thereby be created server based or in InDesign® desktop locally or by external service providers.

The scalable rendering server generates OnDemand PDF and InDesign® documents. Optionally with or without InDesign® server. The rendering server can be applied in the web-based components or in external systems (such as commer, content and ERP systems, etc.).

priint:comet InDesign® plug-in is the leading integrated database publishing and automation solution for Adobe® InDesign® desktop and server. Using the priint:comet InDesign® plug-ins can achieve high efficiency increases for all kind of publications. From creative mail order pages to fully automated industrial catalogs.

The nonlinear format adaptation allows InDesign® documents to change automatically their size proportions. Fields of applications are adverts, labels, instore communication or layout adjustments for digital output.

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

priint:Suite features the ability to integrate with multiple Adobe products depending on the needs of the customer:

Adobe InDesign – priint:Suite’s award winning Comet Plugin is compatible with multiple versions of InDesign Creative Suite and Creative Cloud versions and allows a creative user to drag and drop live data from virtually any backend data system such as PIM, DAM, CMS, ERP, MDM, CRM via standards based connectors. The priint:suite can combine data from multiple systems into a single view. This data flow can also be bi-directional to allow updating of the source system if desired. Users can drag multiple products or product categories and priint will automatically create and layout the pages necessary to accommodate the selection. Additionally, the entire publication can be updated instantly with the most current data from the source systems right before final publishing (ie one click updating of an entire catalog for price, inventory, or specification changes). All copy and pasting is eliminated and proofreading cycles are dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely. Additionally, priint Whiteboard makes it possible to edit InDesign documents via a web browser.

Adobe InDesign Server – priint:suite features a plugin to InDesign server which allows for customers to leverage the full power of both the InDesign Server and the automation features of priint:suite. Also provides the ability to preview priint publications directly from most major applications (ie can preview catalog view directly from a PIM system)

AEM – priint:suite can use AEM content which often is used to store editorial based content for business publications as well as images and other digital files that may be needed. It can also be used for PDF rendering, Web to Print, and other needs from within AEM or AEM driven websites.

Adobe Illustrator- priint has also developed a plugin to Adobe Illustrator in order to add data driven content to Illustrator publications, which are particularly popular when used for data driven packaging publications.

Key Differentiators

priint:suite is the only enterprise scale platform dedicated to the full lifecycle of data driven publishing. The solution provides a scalable, powerful and robust technology platform that does not place any limit on creative freedom while delivering the highest level of automation available.

Allows the creative user to combine multiple data sources into InDesign Documents through a single interface. No need for separate plugins/menus for each application. Single views/selection/placement of complex products can be created and automated. (ie product specs from PIM, image from DAM, editorial from CMS, pricing from ERP, etc)

Single solution can be used on any type of publication

Planner module allows for full lifecycle publication management, from ideation, planning, workflow, automated creation, and publication.

Full featured automated enterprise web to print capabilities in real time.

Planner/Whiteboard modules allow internal/external constituents or agencies to participate in the collaborative creative workflow process

Provides the ability to create 100% automated publications including multilingual/regional/custom variants.

Customer Case Study

Major European Retailer uses priint:suite to generate over 1200 catalogs per year and has more than 100 people involved in the publication management process.

Large tool wholesaler reduced their catalog production process from over 3 months to 3 weeks using the automation features of priint:suite

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