J2S Publish-In Suite: From content to print publishing | Leader of InDesign & InDesign Server-based custom development in France, J2S publishes a collaborative platform for the production of InDesign-based publications.



Created in 1999, J2S designs and develops agile solutions to help corporations and their agencies streamline their publishing process. Leader of InDesign & InDesign Server-based custom development in France, J2S publishes a collaborative platform for the production of InDesign-based publications. J2S also offers consulting services on Adobe solutions.

Product and Solutions

J2S Publish-In Suite is a SaaS collaborative platform for communication & marketing services based on InDesign and InDesign Server. The platform dematerialized InDesign documents to streamline production with its integrated flat plan.
J2S Publish-In Suite also manages the translation of creative publications into different languages.
J2S Publish-In Suite can be integrated into third-party systems such as Adobe Experience Manager to help support the print media.

Panel, Plug-in/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

J2S also develops extensions and plug-ins:
• J2S Revision Manager is a plug-in for InDesign, designed to secure the review process by highlighting all text modifications.
• J2S Dispatcher is a set of plug-ins designed to manage queuing and load balancing and ensure the service continuity of your InDesign Server instances.
• J2S Template Maker is an extension for Adobe Illustrator used in the Fashion industry. It is designed for heavy users to manage and export artboards to different file formats using defined named conventions.

Key Differentiators

J2S Publish-In Suite is an Adobe InDesign-based production platform: create and do team work on InDesign documents to publish digitally or in print.
J2S is highly specialized in the design and development of Adobe software add-ons and plug-ins, with experienced consultants in publishing.
J2S Publish-In bridges the gap between the studio and the product owners with customizable production workflows: InDesign files are displayed in our online flat plan to make the proofreading and copy-editing cycle entertaining and efficient.
Connected to a PIM, product managers can create and organize their offer in the flat plan. Designers can then download the document pages for fine-tuning with their InDesign Desktop to add even more creativity. Once pages are sent back to the Publish-In platform, all modifications can be instantly seen by all authorized stakeholders.

Customer Case Study

Production of travel brochures case study:
eg+ worldwide is an Advertising Production Agency, part of TBWA Group.
eg+ worldwide relies on the J2S solution to streamline the localization process of some of its international customers. eg+ worldwide said that without the ease-of-use and flexibility of our solution, the publications could not have been delivered on time.

Production of estate ad magazine case study:
Concept Multimedia publishes the most important real estate ad magazine under the brand name "Logic-immo.com".
Connected to Concept Multimedia's information system via an API, the J2S solution pilots InDesign Server to lay out the ads so the estate agent can immediately approve their ads. The ready-for-print PDF are then automatically generated.

The management of information sheets for French higher education case study:
Campus France is the French Agency for the promotion of French higher education. Campus France uses the J2S solution to quickly generate information brochures to promote higher education establishments.

PIM & DAM transfer to industrializing the production of catalogs case study:
Willemse France is a catalog sales company specialized in seeds and plants
Willemse France needed a way to be more reactive on the print channel to adapt to a new audience and win new markets. It took J2S merely two weeks to connect Willemse France product information management system to its catalogs to speed up the publishing process.

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