Marketing your integration

Creative Cloud Developers, with a great idea and determination, you’ve created an integration that expands and enhances the world’s leading creative platform. Now it’s time to build awareness and drive adoption. Here are some next steps to successfully promote your product.


Stay on Brand

We encourage use of licensed Adobe brand assets in your marketing materials. Please read and abide by our brand guide to both access brand assets and follow our policies.

Optimize Your Listing

Your Exchange listing is the place where you convert visitors to users. Make sure to use featured images and videos to tell your story and include a “How to sell” sheet for Adobe Field Sales enablement.

Build a Landing Page

Successful developers promote their listings through dedicated landing pages on their own websites. Here you can go into greater detail than in your listing. Your landing page should link back to Adobe Exchange.

Get Social

Blogs and other social media are great ways to promote your product. Send social links to CC Developer Marketing. We may selectively amplify your content through Adobe social channels.


Any questions? Be sure to visit our Marketing FAQ page




Adobe Brand Guide & Assets

Marketing your product starts with getting the branding right.



The Creative Cloud Developer Brand Guide gives you an overview of the Adobe brand assets you are licensed to use as an Adobe Exchange Program member and permitted use of these assets on your website and in other marketing of your product.

Adobe Exchange Program members are licensed to use select Adobe Brand assets with final approval of mock-ups with assets in place.

View the Brand Guide

1. Access approved Adobe brand assets to include in your promotional materials.

The "Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud" badge may be used for approved plugins, extensions and integrations that work with two or more Adobe Creative Cloud applications, or for standalone apps that integrate Creative Cloud services or APIs.


Use Designed for [product] badges to signify your third-party product has been validated by Adobe. Visit the Creative Cloud Developer Platform site for more information.




Use Product File Icons to represent the supported file type in an instructional workflow diagram. You may use this if your product has been validated by Adobe through the Exchange listing process or through an alternate process. if you are not distributing through Exchange. Send request for assets to:


Adobe Product Logos may be available for limited use in launch announcements and other marketing subject to written permission from Adobe. You may not use the logo or any element of the logo in or as part of your own company or plugin logo. Complete the trademark permission form and allow two weeks for your request to be processed.



2. Get Adobe approval of final marketing materials before publishing live

To get approval of final marketing materials that reference or use Adobe trademarks and brand assets before publishing live, send a PDF or link to view a staged copy of your marketing materials to Please allow for a 10 business day turnaround.

For more information or questions:

Example Marketing Materials:
How to Sell Sheet
Paid media
Press Release
Landing Page
Customer-facing Decks


Important Note

Marketing materials with Adobe assets in place must be sent for review before being deemed final.






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