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What is the Adobe Exchange partner program for the Experience Cloud?

Adobe Exchange Partner Program for Experience Cloud helps companies integrate software or build standalone applications on Adobe Experience Platform. The program offers limited support to all program members as well as packages of paid support services to help partners build solutions, promote products together with Adobe, and collaboratively sell with the Adobe Sales team. For more information on program benefits see our Program Benefits Guide.

Who is the Adobe Exchange partner program for?

The Adobe Exchange partner program is for technology partners, including software vendors, data providers, and hardware vendors.

What is the difference between the Adobe Solution Partner Program (SPP) and the Adobe Exchange partner program?

The SPP is a partner program designed for systems integrators and agencies with a focus on customer satisfaction and revenue impact.  The Adobe Exchange partner program is designed for technology partners with a focus on customer and partner satisfaction and partner growth.

What are the benefits of the Adobe Exchange partner program?

Please refer to the Program Benefits page and the Program Guide .

I am already registered in the Exchange program, do I need to register into the new combined program with Marketo and Magento?

Partners who have already registered for the Exchange program at do not need to re-register. If you plan to integrate with the Magento and Marketo products please follow the instructions in this FAQ to get started.

How do I work specifically with Magento?

If you are interested in a Magento sandbox, please first create an account on our Developer site, then please submit this request form. If you're specifically interested in learning more about becoming a Magento-Integrated Adobe Exchange partner, contact our team here to learn more about Magento.

What are the requirements to join the Adobe Exchange Partner Program?

Each company must accept the Adobe Exchange click-thru agreement. Accelerate and Premier level partners must have a vetted use case, obtain business unit and solution approval (when applicable), and pay the annual fee. Additionally, Premier level partners must gain approval from the Adobe sales organization.

Is there a fee to join the Adobe Exchange Partner Program?

New members in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program will be enrolled as Innovate Partners without charge for a six-month trial period and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ability to display the Innovate Partner badge
  • Use of Adobe marks
  • Access to Adobe Experience Cloud sandboxes for development purposes
  • Innovate level support.

You may begin integrating with Adobe products and applications as soon as your registration has been approved. The annual Innovate Partner fee of $10,000USD will be due after six months if you decide to continue as an Innovate Partner beyond the trial period. Partners will receive instructions for signing the Innovate Partnership terms and making payment 30 days before the payment is due. Partners who do not agree to the Innovate Partnership terms or submit payment by the end of six-month trial period will owe nothing for the initial trial period but will lose Innovate Partner status and the benefits mentioned above.  Innovate Partner status and benefits may be restored at any time by agreeing to the Innovate Partnership terms and submitting payment through the Adobe Exchange program site. At that time, payment will cover the initial six-month trial period plus an additional six months going forward. Future renewals will be completed annually and partners may cancel with 30 days’ notice before the renewal date.

How long is the contract?

The initial Exchange Member contract lasts for one year and will auto-renew every year unless the partner would like to terminate the contract.

Can I receive development software?

Sandbox access is subject to availability and varies by partnership level.

Can I receive technical development support?

The integration team will provide guidance, support, and best practices to guide you as you build your integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud. Support is only given to Adobe Exchange partners and varies by partner level. Reach out to our support team via our Support Portal.


  • Integration team support via email, 3 day response time


  • Access to Integration subject matter expert
  • Integration team support via email, 2 day response time


  • Technical Alliance Manager
  • Integration team support via email, 1 day response time
  • Access to integration subject matter expert.


Who do I contact to find out more about the Adobe Exchange partner program?

Reach out to our Support Team for questions about the Adobe Exchange partner program.

I have an extension listing in Magento Marketplace, what happens to that?

The Magento Marketplace will continue to operate as the #1 trusted source for Magento extensions and themes. The storefront, developer portal, and support channels will continue to operate as they have been. Please visit if you have additional questions.

What is the Application Assurance program?

The Application Assurance program was created to highlight those partners that have taken the extra steps to have the Adobe team review their integration and then incorporate feedback on best practices and implement those improvements. For our Adobe customers, they will have the added confidence in an integration that the Adobe team has thoroughly reviewed and approved. There is a cost for this program annually, as each year the integration will need to go through a full review to continue to receive the App Assurance badge on the marketplace.

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