Adobe Exchange App Manager

Adobe Exchange App Manager is a new tool for creating and managing Exchange applications. With Exchange App Manager, it's easy to build innovative applications and publish them on Adobe Exchange.

Introducing Adobe Exchange App Manager

Given the many Adobe Experience Cloud products and services to integrate with, partners may not be familiar with how to integrate each one. Packaging applications for easy distribution through Adobe Exchange can be challenging.

Exchange App Manager is here to help. Using App Manager, partners can easily create applications that authenticate and connect with Adobe products and services through Adobe I/O. Applications built on Adobe I/O offer rich integrated functionality and an elegant installation experience for enterprise customers. Exchange App Manager makes it easy for partners to create and distribute applications on Adobe Exchange marketplace.


Application Dashboard

The application dashboard is a single view of your company's Exchange applications. Use the application dashboard to create and publish new applications, and manage existing application distribution through Adobe Exchange marketplace.

App Dashboard
Connect to Adobe APIs, Events, and Services

Exchange Applications integrate with Adobe products and services to deliver enhanced customer experiences. Adobe partners use Exchange App Manager to describe the APIs and services used in their application. Connecting to these services through Adobe I/O creates the best authentication and installation experience.

Access Adobe Product Sandboxes for Development Use

Exchange App Manager provisions the Adobe product sandboxes you need to build your Exchange applications. Partners can use sandboxes to build, test, and demonstrate applications.