New enterprise customer experience

Adobe Exchange marketplace offers a simple enterprise customer experience for discovering and acquiring partner applications.

Enterprise Experience

Adobe Exchange is an enterprise solution, integrating software products and applications with enterprise-wide deployments of Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Exchange provides the features needed by organizations to discover and acquire applications including enterprise authorization and 3rd party app management. A simple enterprise customer experience makes third party Exchange applications more attractive to enterprise customers, and easier for them to use.


My Exchange for Enterprises

Enterprise customers now see all of the applications licensed to their organization in one place. In My Exchange, it's easy for members of an organization to see which Exchange applications they have access to.

My Exchange


Request an Application

Enterprise end-users can now request applications through their organization. Users simply click "Get App" when they find an application and a request is sent to the organization's administrator to authorize and install the application. Administrators can approve application requests in My Exchange.



Enterprise installation

Exchange applications built on Adobe I/O are easily installed by an enterprise administrator. After authorizing the application, administrators review and accept an access request from the partner application, and the integrated services are enabled. Administrators can also disable applications they no longer use.