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Forter QuickStart

Forter QuickStart: Conversion Optimization for Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento)

Forter QuickStart: Conversion Optimization for Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento)

Use Forter's Conversion Optimization for Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento) to convert more and proactively stop fraud. Forter provides instant, accurate and customer-centric trust decisions on any channel, empowering you to grow your business. We serve Nordstrom, Instacart, ASOS, and more.

Product Info:
The key to business growth is great customers, but if like many other businesses you are mostly analyzing the standard metrics such as LTV and AOV, or are using today's common fraud prevention tools, it's likely you are driving away many great customers and stunting your growth.

Forter is the only customer-centric conversion optimization solution for omnichannel commerce that empowers you to grow your topline, prevent losses, and build your brand. By leveraging the largest global data network and advanced AI, Forter is uniquely optimized to instantly and accurately identify trustworthy customers so you can attract, convert, and retain more great customers.

How Forter works:
Forter provides instant approve or decline decisions for any customer touchpoint including login, checkout, returns, and more. The platform is designed to empower you to approve more great customers while also proactively preventing fraudsters and abusive shoppers to hurt your business.

To make these decisions, Forter leverages the only and largest customer-centric global data network of aggregate online businesses, banks, and PSPs, containing data points that build an understanding of each shopper, not just a single transaction. Combined with in-house payment and fraud expertise, and tailored uniquely to your business, Forter's completely automated decisions are optimized to fit your business needs and deliver customized results. Ultimately, Forter empowers you to provide convenient, simple, and secure customer experiences – especially to your best customers.

Maximize conversions:
Remove friction from the customer journey to convert more and reduce cart abandonment, without worrying about fraud. 100% of your transactions receive sub-second approve or decline decisions, without delays from manual reviews or friction from additional authentication, are made using a holistic data-driven understanding of each shopper. Additionally, connect with banks directly with Forter Trusted Authorization to improve your bank authorizations.

Deliver exceptional experiences:
Attract, convert, and retain customers by providing seamless and secure experiences. Forter measures trust by leveraging not only direct engagement with your business but also indirect engagement – engagements shoppers have had with all of Forter's other partners. This provides accuracy you can trust, so you can consistently deliver great experiences to your best customers, build brand loyalty, increase LTV and ultimately grow your top-line.

Scale with confidence:
Accelerate your growth into new markets, products, and services with a commerce system designed to scale effortlessly with your business.

Forter Payment Protection
Forter Policy Abuse Protection
Forter Accounts Protection

The Forter Decision Dashboard: Get deeper insights into individual transactions, incidences of fraud, customer and business trends, and various business KPIs available in one, easy-to-use Dashboard.

Why Forter?
Forter was built as a holistic commerce enabler – allowing you to grow your top-line while also helping improve your bottom-line. At the core, Forter is built to be customer-centric, optimized to increased conversions of great customers, while simultaneously and proactively preventing costs to your business, including fraud and abuse.

With Forter, there is no need to write or adjust rules or perform manual reviews. The platform is completely agnostic to the PSP(s), bank(s), and payment method(s) you work with, and the technology works across all your channels from eCommerce, to curbside pickup, to phone orders and beyond.

To get started:
Add the Forter QuickStart extension by downloading and installing from this page. A new Forter account is required to get started - please reach out to Forter to get started on next steps.

Forter's extension has been rigorously tested for performance and latency, and has been optimized for minimal impact on your website. It is in production with many of the leading commerce businesses around the world.

Forter Customers using the Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento 2) Plugin:
Malin & Goetz
Manolo Blahnik
Le Creuset
Ace Mart Restaurant Supply
AMI Clubwear
The Webster
Bing Lee Electronics
Jerry's Artarama
Fraser Hart
Dolls Kill

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Magento Customer Case Study - Manolo Blahnik
Magento Customer Case Study - Fraser Hart
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