ExMan Command Line Tool

If you experience installation issues with Adobe Extensions, you can download and use the Extension Manager Command Line tool (ExManCmd).
For information about using this tool, see https://helpx.adobe.com/extension-manager/using/command-line.html

Download the ZIP file for your Operating System and unzip it to a folder of your choice. We’ll call it ExMan_root.

Download ExManCmd for Windows

Download ExManCmd for Mac OS

1. Use the Creative Cloud desktop application to install or uninstall any Adobe application, in order to refresh the list of installed Adobe applications in the Extension Manager database.

2. On Listing Detail Page, Click on Download/Install another way in the blue dialog box – or From MyExchange, click the Install Issues? to the right of the extension you want to install.


3. Click Install Issues? at the right of the page.

4. Click the blue download button.

5. When the download of the add-on’s ZXP package is complete, copy it to ExMan_root. Let’s call it myextension.zxp.

6. Close any Adobe applications that are compatible with the Extension.

7. In a command shell (Mac OS Terminal or Windows Command Prompt), go to the ExMan_root folder and run this command for your extension:

  • In Mac OS: ./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd ––install myextension.zxp
  • In Windows: ExManCmd.exe /install myextension.zxp

Note: Currently, ExManCmd does not support encrypted extensions for enterprise use cases.

8. Check Where to Find it - Follow the instructions in the “Where to find it” section on the detail page. Some extensions may require you to carry out further steps to install.

This should install the add-on. You can verify the installation with this command:

  • In Mac OS: ./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd ––list all
  • In Windows: ExManCmd.exe /list all