Welcome to the Adobe Exchange Program for Document Cloud!

The Adobe Exchange Program for Document Cloud provides access to tools and resources for Independent Software Vendors to build, test and deliver integrations for Adobe Acrobat Sign.

No matter your business model, as a member of the program, you’ll get the support you need to accelerate your product development.

Become an Adobe Document Cloud partner

Combine your innovation with our brand, community, and mission to lead digital transformation.

Follow these steps to build your Adobe Document Cloud integration.



Learn more about the benefits and requirements of the program, visit Adobe I/O to explore and learn about APIs and documentation. Then complete and submit the partner application form.


Create an Acrobat Sign Developer Account to begin leveraging Adobe APIs to integrate with your solution.


Your integration will then be certified and approved by Adobe. Adobe must approve your solution prior to release.


Once the prior steps are completed, your integration can be released publicly.