Register to the Adobe Exchange Partner Program

The Adobe Exchange Program enables technology companies to partner with Adobe by creating integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud. The Exchange program gives partners the ability to promote their integrations through the Adobe Exchange Marketplace.

Registration takes less than five minutes.

You may begin integrating with Adobe products and applications as soon as your registration has been approved.


Registration Process:

  • For step by step registration instructions please visit this support article
  • We need each individual to use an Adobe ID with their personal corporate email address to register, so we know who we are working with, and for provisioning we need to provision to an individual.
  • An email can only be registered into one partner program at a time, so if you are registered into multiple partner programs then you will need to use a different personal corporate email address to register into each.
  • If your company has already registered for Adobe Exchange then you have the option to join that account when registering for the program.
  • Once you have registered our team will review the submission and you will be notified if you have been approved, and if initially rejected we will give you next steps on what information we still need.
  • Once approved you will need to activate your account by clicking on the link that we send via email.
  • If you are a consultancy or provide services, then the Adobe Solution Partner Program might be a better fit.

Compare the focus of our partner programs and pick the best for your company.

Adobe Exchange partner program for Experience Cloud – Our program is designed for data and technology vendors who want to integrate with Adobe products. You can register below!

Adobe Solution Partner Program – Program for agencies and systems integrators who provide services with Adobe products. Visit the SPP homepage to learn more!