Exchange Payment Policy

The Adobe Exchange App Marketplace offers thousands of apps to enhance customer's experiences with products across all Adobe Clouds. The Adobe Creative Cloud Exchange is gratis to use and list extensions, plug-ins, scripts and more that enhance creativity and extend the functionality of Creative Platforms. 

As of March 5, 2018, we are happy to announce a new and improved Adobe Creative Cloud Exchange for our Exchange Developers.

Highlights of the new Adobe Exchange for developers

The new Adobe Exchange features a revamped design from our previous Add-Ons marketplace. On the developer side, we’ve got some great feature updates:

  • Revenue share is now a clean 90/10 split, with 90% going to you. No more math to figure out your take, and more of the revenue goes to you than ever before.
  • You can provide more promotional content, with double the number of preview images (up to 10) allowed, as well as support for video and documents like readme files.
  • You have the chance to teach Adobe how to talk to users about your product by uploading “How to Sell” information.

My extension is a free component of a larger paid system, how much will it cost to list on Exchange?

If the Creative Cloud extension is essentially a free component of a larger system that you charge, the listing is free of charge. For example, you have a publishing or review service which you charge customers for, but to provide a more integrated experience you provide a free extension for Creative Cloud. If the extension is free there is no cost to list it on Exchange.


What is the revenue share for paid products?

For any paid product you offer for sale you will take 90% of the sales revenue. You will need to register with our payment provide FastSpring. After you have registered you will receive a special FastSpring key, a small text reference you need to add to your profile page so we can ensure all sales are applied to your account.