Adobe Exchange Program Document Cloud

Registration Guide


The Adobe Exchange Program enrolls technology companies that create integrated applications to promote and distribute through the Adobe Exchange marketplace.

The Exchange program for Experience Document Cloud is administered through our web site at

New partners must follow the process below to register their company in the Exchange program. After approval, additional members of your company can register and access the program benefits.

Instructions for first-time registrations and additional member registrations:

  • First-time registrants must create an Adobe ID using their corporate email address. During registration, you’ll submit information about your company and yourself. If approved, your company will become a member of the Exchange program and you’ll have access to our program site.

  • Additional registrants will also need an Adobe ID using their corporate email address. Every person that would like an Exchange login must register themselves in the program and link their registration to their company’s account.

If your company is a member of another Adobe partner program, visit Adobe’s partner portal at to determine which program is right for you. If you need to switch programs, contact us at 


Step 1: Visit the program homepage

Visit our program site at: and click Join Program in the header. You cannot log into the site using your Adobe ID until you have registered for the program.



Step 2: Confirm program fit

Ensure the Exchange Program is the right program for your organization. Services and co-selling partners should consider the Solution Partner Program, and value added resellers should consider the Adobe Partner Connection.


Step 3: Sign in with Adobe ID

Partners use Adobe ID to access Adobe programs, resources, and products. Partners need an Adobe ID to view content on the program site, build applications using Adobe I/O resources, manage Exchange marketplace listings, and access their developer sandbox.

If you have an existing Adobe ID, select Register with an existing Adobe ID.

Reg guide


If you do not have an Adobe ID associated with your corporate email address, select Create an Adobe ID & Register. Follow the instructions to create your Adobe ID.

Create Adobe Id


Step 4: Choose Adobe ID type

For now, you will sign into the Exchange program site using Adobe ID: Personal Account (you should still create your Adobe ID using your corporate email address). If you are presented with the following option, select Personal account to sign in.


Step 5: Select your organization

If your company is already registered and your email address matches the registered company domain, you will receive a match suggestion.

If you’re not sure if your company is already registered, or if your email doesn’t match the company’s domain, search for your company using the search input field.


Please do not register your company again if it is already registered. Select the existing company under Suggested Companies or from your search results.


Step 6: Complete the registration form

Registered company information will appear in the Selected Company section. Proceed to About You to add yourself as a member of your organization.

Fill out both sections if you are registering a new company.

Click Next and select the Terms and Conditions acknowledgement to complete your registration.


Step 7: Confirmation notice

The following confirmation will indicate you successfully completed the registration.

You will receive a “Thank You” email confirming your registration. New registrants will receive If you selected an existing.

Step 8: Email activation

If you registered under an existing company, you will receive an activation email to confirm your address. Check bulk folders if the message does not appear in your inbox.

Still have questions?

Please reach out to our support team at