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Innovate Partners


This level is designed for partners that need to create and maintain applications / integrations for joint customers.

* Market their applications on Adobe Exchange​
* Access available sandboxes for maintenance and demos
​* Access our support team for integration questions​

Accelerate Partners


The Accelerate level is designed for companies that are interested in a deeper relationship with Adobe including programmatic marketing support. Integration subject matter expertise is included to provide guidance, support, and best practices.

Premier Partners

By Invitation Only 

Adobe has improved collaborative selling benefits by adding financial incentives for Adobe teams who support the sale of Premier partner software. These new incentives encourage deeper engagement between partners and Adobe sales teams. Premier partners also have named technical and marketing support.



There is no fee to join the Adobe Exchange Partner Program as a member. New Adobe Exchange members will be enrolled as Innovate Partners without charge
for six months. After the six-month trial period, you may continue to receive Innovate Partner benefits by signing the Innovate Partnership terms and making
payment arrangements through the Adobe Exchange program website. Partners who choose not to continue as Innovate Partners may remain members
in Adobe Exchange but will lose access to Innovate Partner benefits.

Program Benefits


Access to Adobe Experience Cloud Technology

Access to Adobe Developer Portal

Participation in Pre-Releases and Releases

Annual Integration Kickoff Meeting

Quarterly Business Review & Integration Work Session

Priority Integration Team Access

Top Priority Integration Team Access

Named Technology Alliances Manager


Adobe Experience Cloud Exchange Listing       

Adobe Trademarks

Named Partner Marketer


Annual Marketing Kickoff Meeting


Quarterly Marketing Review

Standardized Marketing Deliverables


Customized Co-Marketing Support

Using Adobe trademarks in Search Engine Marketing


Sales Portal Asset Listing


Named Alliance Manager


Facilitated Access to and Engagement with Adobe Field


Quarterly Business Review & Sales Work Session

Bi-Monthly Business Discussions


Discounts for Adobe Digital Learning Services                   


Invitation to Partner Technology Updates


Community Forums

Partner Communications

Annual Kickoff Meeting


Kickoff Meeting


Accepted Click-Through Agreement

Vetted Integration Use Case


Annual Fee

Business Unit & Solution Approval (when applicable)

Adobe Sales Organization Approval

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