The Plan section is where partners determine what their application will do. Here you’ll find information about Adobe products, integration technology, and customer use cases. Begin with the Developer Overview and then proceed through the other Plan sections to help you design an integrated application.

Developer Overview

The developer overview will help you understand the fundamentals of integrating with Adobe Experience Cloud products. Before integrating you should understand Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe I/O, and the individual product APIs available to partners.

Adobe Products

Adobe Experience Cloud products deliver industry-leading features to enterprise customers. Each product satisfies a unique set of enterprise needs in the fields of marketing, analytics, and advertising. Take a minute to learn about each Adobe product to learn which products you need to integrate.



Application Use Cases

Discover some of the primary use cases partners address through integrated applications. These use cases represent the most common Experience Cloud integrations but are by no means comprehensive. We encourage you to learn about these fundamental use cases and then explore new ways to innovate on behalf of mutual customers.




Training is available through Adobe Digital Learning Services. Partners receive discounts on training to build their knowledge about Adobe products and integration technology. You’ll also find a lot of information by visiting the Assets portion of our site.

Integration Guides

Integration guides offer a step-by-step framework for building the most common integrations. These guides are not a replacement for engineering experience but they guide savvy developers in the right direction and provide reference materials for the use cases you are addressing.