Adobe Experience Platform Integration Guide

This guide allows Experience Cloud partners to build an integration with the Adobe Experience Platform by hydrating the unified profile and consuming the real time profile in thier applications.  Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is an open, intelligent and real-time platform for customer experience. It is a purpose built, open system that centralizes, standardizes and transforms customer experience data into customer profiles that update in real time, further leveraging AI-driven insights to help brands deliver optimized personalized experiences at scale across any channel. 

Adobe is looking for technology partners to integrate with Adobe Experience Platform to leverage and extend platform for multiple customer experience use cases, thereby delivering tremendous incremental value to joint customers. This could be in the form of integrations to hydrate and enrich Experience Platform’s real-time customer profile with data from the partner application/platform, integrations to extend data science and AI/ML functionality, or integrations to leverage Platform’s graph stitched, rich and comprehensive real-time customer profile for activation in the partner’s application/platform.

Adobe Experience Platform has integrated with customer support applications, loyalty management platforms, and voice of customer applications to optimize customer experiences and across verticals, from retail and CPG to travel and hospitality.  Partners have begun contributing valuable data that enables marketing and customer service organizations better analyze user behavior and the impact of campaigns and support strategies on various business KPIs across the customer journey, further enhancing the value of their combined offerings with Adobe.

Follow these steps to build and list your integration

This is typically a 6+ week project depending on the complexity of the integration.


You must be a registered partner at the Gold or Platnium level in the Adobe Technology Program to get access.


Learn about how to integrate with AEP’s real-time customer profile. (Jump to minute 10:00.) 


Contact the Technology Partner Support Team and include details on your potential use case.. Use this template while submitting your use case(s).


Review the AEP sandbox provisioning process and submit a request for access.


This video gives a quick tour of Experience Platform's user interface to show you how to navigate to Experience Platform from Experience Cloud, the homepage dashboard, the interface's enablement features, the sandbox switcher and navigation elements.


Build your Integration

Reference the following resources, and develop an Integrated solution between your technology and the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP):


Must be logged into the Partner Portal to view. Market yourself in Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange. This is the place where you can tell customers about your company and your data.

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