Experience Platform Launch Integration Guide

This integration allows Experience Cloud customers to use a 3rd party extension to extend the functionality of Experience Platform Launch.

The steps below describe the complete process for building an extension and bringing it to market. Please make sure to read and complete each step.

This is typically a 6+ week project depending on the complexity of the extension.


Step No.

Step Description
Step 1

Become an official Adobe partner

Learn more about the Adobe Exchange Program for Marketing Cloud. Sign up here.

Step 2

Experience Platform Launch Sandbox

To learn about sandbox access for the Exchange Program please view our article on solution provisioning.

Step 3

Watch the Experience Platform Launch Extension Tutorials

The product team has created a series of helpful video tutorials. Watch here.

Step 4

Read the Experience Platform Launch Extension Guides 

Product documentation and guides are located at developer.adobelaunch.com

Step 5

Develop and Test the Extension

There are many resources at your disposal for development and testing. These are optional. See resources here.

Step 6

Publish the Extension

You can upload your own extension in the Experience Platform Launch integration environment. Learn more here.

Step 7

Submit the Extension for Approval

After you have tested the extension and are ready to submit, please send a direct message in the developer Slack to Jeff Chasin. He will coordinate with the Experience Platform Launch engineers to queue your extension package to be uploaded in the production catalog. 

Step 8

List your extension on the Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange

Make your extension discoverable. Learn more here.

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