The Translation Integration Framework in AEM enables developers to integrate third-party translation services to orchestrate the translation of AEM content. At a high level, the implementation comprises of three steps:

  1. Connect to the translation service.
  2. Create a Translation Integration Framework configuration.
  3. Associate the cloud configurations with sites/pages.

The steps below describe the complete process for translation partners to build and publish a connector to Adobe Package Share. 

This is typically a 4-8 week project.


Step No.

Step Description
Step 1

Become an official Adobe partner

Sign up for the Adobe Exchange Program for Experience Cloud.  

Step 2

Learn the basics of AEM

Read the documentation on Adobe Help

Step 3

Overview of Translation Capabilities in AEM

Watch the attached Video to understand the workflows and content structure.

Step 4

AEM Product Sandbox

To learn about sandbox access for the Exchange Program please view our article on solution provisioning.

Step 5

Build the connector   Learn more >

Use the Translation Bootstrap connector as reference to build your connector.  

Step 6

Upload to Package Share

Upload the connector to Adobe Package Share (Optional). You can also choose to host the connector on your environment, but Adobe won't be able to certify the connector.

Step 7

List your integration at Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange   Learn more >

Make your integration discoverable. 

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