An Innovate partnership is a fundamental access point for the Adobe Exchange partner program.

It allows partners to gain access to valuable resources that can be used to address current customer needs and grow their business through partnership with Adobe. The Innovate benefits outlined below are broken into Technology, Marketing, and Ecosystem Exposure, which Innovate partners can take advantage of on a self-service basis.

Innovate Partner Level Benefits

  • Sandbox access (some exclusions apply for Innovate Trial partners, refer to this article for details)
  • An Adobe Exchange listing searchable in the App Marketplace
  • One (1) Press Release
  • Self-service access to product integration documentation Partner Forum support (no dedicated technical support) 
  • Use of Adobe  trademarks including program level
  • Exchange program support via support ticket

Program Fees

  • Annual fee: $10,000
  • During the Innovate Trial partners can take advantage of Innovate benefits for sandbox access, a searchable App Listing, access to product documentation and Exchange support free of charge for the first six months. This allows partners to assess the value of partnering and to create an integration with Adobe. At six (6) months, payment must be made to ensure that the Innovate partnership will remain active for the following six (6) months; a total of twelve (12) months or the first year of partnership.
  • Subsequent renewal terms will be one (1) year from the initial sign-up date, with Annual fees due at the renewal date.
  • The partner may be required to execute new or additional terms upon making payment at six months in order to continue receiving Innovate partner benefits.
  • If no payment is made 6 months after the initial sign-up date, you will be removed from the Innovate program and all Innovate benefits will be revoked.

Innovate Benefits Overview


Product integrations are the cornerstone of every Adobe Exchange partnership. As a part of the Adobe Ecosystem you will have access to tools that will enable you to deliver on rising customer expectations.

In order for Adobe to provision and give you sandbox access to build an integration, please log in to the Adobe Exchange Portal and review the information provided in the Plan and Build sections of the portal. Once an integration is built, we encourage you to use this guide to promote it in on our Exchange Marketplace. Access to Magento and Marketo platforms is also available upon additional acceptance of specific terms of use.  Please contact Adobe Exchange listing support for guidance.


As with any product, you’ll need a plan in place to amplify your partnership with Adobe and the product integrations you offer.

Adobe Exchange membership leverages a tiered approach to facilitate Adobe support for integration work, co-marketing activities, and joint go-to-market initiatives. Innovate benefits include:

  • Partner Badging (with opportunities for featured placement)
  • Partner Directory Listing
  • Adobe Event Participation

Here are examples of go to market activities that we are executing with our Accelerate and Premier partners. Please contact the Adobe Exchange team if you are interested in leveraging benefits at higher tiers!

Ecosystem Exposure

At Adobe we believe it takes a village to deliver exceptional customer experiences and our partners are no exception. As part of the Adobe Exchange program you’ll be able to promote our partnership to the broader Ecosystem through the use of pre-approved assets and guidelines.

As an active party leveraging the Innovate benefits, you will be allowed to: 

  • Reference your company as an Adobe partner
  • Use Adobe trademarks in compliance with our trademark guidelines 
  • Use approved program badges and marks during your active contract year
  • Adobe will also publish a directory of active Partners under the Adobe Exchange digital properties.