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Learn how to integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud products.

Please note: Integrating with AAM is not a self-service process, so please be aware that Adobe support is required for each integration project. Upon completing the initial steps outlined in the integration guide, your project will be placed in a queue (6-12 month wait on average). Once the Adobe integration team has bandwidth they will contact you to begin the project.

Audience Manager Marketplace Integration

Audience Manager Marketplace Integration

This integration allows data providers to sell user level data (non-PII) in the Adobe Audience Marketplace. The Audience Marketplace is a private data marketplace that connects advertisers, data providers and content publishers -- enabling the buying and selling of second and third party data without having to set up individual agreements with buyers.



Audience Manager Targeting Integration

Many customers of the Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) DMP need to export their audiences to Adobe's data partners to enable targeted marketing activities. This is commonly done through a server-to-server integration. As an Adobe data partner you can establish this type of integration by following the steps within this guide.

Audience Manager Targeting Integration



Audience Manager Targeting Integration

Audience Manager Onboarding Integration

This integration allows partner platforms to onboard user level data (non-PII) into Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) for mutual customers. This user level data is usually considered 1st party data belonging to the AAM customer and is not intended to be sold broadly. Bringing 3rd party data into AAM is a different process -- see the Marketplace integration guide.



Experience Manager Translation Integration

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) provides a complete set of APIs for Translation vendors to integrate and seamlessly translate content in AEM. The Translation framework helps partners use XML, XLIFF 1.2 or XLIFF 2.0 format for content interchange.

Audience Manager Targeting Integration



Adobe Launch Integration

Experience Platform Launch Integration Guide

Experience Platform Launch is Adobe’s tag management software (replacing DTM) and it’s also a platform for our partners to develop and deploy extensions into the Adobe ecosystem. This guide describes the complete process for building an extension and bringing it to market.



Marketo Engage Integration Guide

The Marketo Engage platform exposes application programming interfaces that enable developers to interact with Marketo Engage in a variety of ways.  All of the APIs are documented on the Marketo Developers web site. The Marketo REST API is routinely used to build cloud-based, server to server applications.  Independent software vendors leverage the APIs to build integrations that are suitable for use by any customer. 

Audience Manager Targeting Integration



Man hand using digital blue holographic user interface 3D rendering

Adobe Experience Platform Integration Guide

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is an open, intelligent, real-time platform for enhancing customer experience. Adobe Experience Platform is a purpose built, open system that centralizes, standardizes and transforms customer experience data into real-time updated customer profiles, further leveraging AI-driven insights to help brands deliver, optimize, and personalize experiences at scale across any channel. 




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