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Adobe Audience Manager Marketplace Integration Guide

This integration allows data providers to sell user level data (non-PII) in the Adobe Audience Marketplace. The Audience Marketplace is a private data marketplace that connects advertisers, data providers and content publishers -- enabling the buying and selling of second and third party data without having to set up individual agreements with buyers.


The Adobe Audience Marketplace is connected with multiple data exchanges. We require that you first investigate using one of these exchanges to offer your data in the Adobe Audience Marketplace before considering the direct integration process outlined below. Going through one of our data technology partners, Liveramp, Neilsen, Lotame or Neustar results in a much quicker time to market.

These integration projects are not being prioritized by Adobe and require a high level of customer demand as a prerequisite AND should be implemented by an Adobe data technology partner when possible.

Follow these steps to build and list your integration


You must be a registered partner in the Adobe Technology Program to get access.


To learn about sandbox access for the Technology Program please view our article on solution provisioning.


Once you have registered as a partner in the Technology program, you can request an AAM integration by completing a form.


Sign data agreement

Agreement will be sent via Adobe Sign. Signing the agreement is required and non-negotiable.


Wait for Adobe resources to become available

Typically a 6-12 month wait due to resource constraints. Once the Adobe integrations team has available bandwidth, you will gain access to the team through an email channel. The team will then help you complete the integration requirements.


You will need access to the AAM UI to complete the remaining steps.


Data sources are data containers for storing your audiences within Audience Manager.


Must be logged into the Partner Portal to view. Establish a user ID sync with Audience Manager. Customers will enable this sync in order to have better overlap with your Audiences.


This step describes the process of uploading your data taxonomy to transform it to Traits, Trait Folders, and relevant ID mapping. The segments that you send translate to Traits in Audience Manager. The Trait Folder structure is defined per your taxonomy and is the way a customer navigates through your data.


Transfer data to Audience Manager and validate the data once transferred.


Create a Marketplace Feed by defining the name, description, pricing, and use cases for your data.


Must be logged into the Partner Portal to view. Market yourself in Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange. This is the place where you can tell customers about your company and your data.


Once you offer your data in the Marketplace you will need to maintain your offering. This includes managing subscriptions and requests, managing billing and monitoring the health of the data flowing in to Audience Manager.

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