After you have delivered a file you can take specific actions to verify that it has been processed by the Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) platform. 


Processed File Validation

Once the AAM processing has occurred (every 12 hours) you can check for the existance of a "processed" file. This file will have the same name as the file you uploaded but the name will be appended with a ".processed" extension. The existance of this file indicates that the file was processed. 


Row Level Validation

While the existance of the ".processed" file indicates that the file was processed, it does NOT indicate that every row within the file was successfully processed. 

For example, there may have been several rows in the file where AAM did not recognize the user ID. There could have also been rows where the provided Trait IDs were not recognized. 

To understand how well the rows within the file were processed you will need to utilize the Onboarding Status report. You will not have permission to access this report directly, instead you will have the AAM customer (or their Adobe consultant) relay important information from this report. It often takes up to 24 hours for the Onboarding Status report to be populated after onboarded files have been received. 


Note: during early testing the Adobe partner integrations team can relay insights from the Onboarding Status report


Ongoing Reports

You can receive processing receipts each time you upload new audience data files. These are emailed reports that indicate the files were processed and the number of errors that may have occurred. You must request that this is enabled from each AAM customer since they must add your email address in their Onboarding Status UI. It is recommended that you use a team alias address rather than an address for a specific individual. 



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