Once you've imported your taxonomy (i.e. Created Traits and Trait folders) and have implemented the data transferyou are ready to create your Marketplace Feeds.  

What is a Feed

A Feed is a group of Traits/Segments that buyers can purchase as a single product.

The Traits/Segments that make up a Feed should have the same business rules associated with them.

For example:

  • They can be priced using the same rate card
  • They are sold under the same brand
  • You have to pay royalties to the same supplier for these segments
  • They are fundamentally the same kind of segments (ie: demographics).
  • You would represent them as a separate folder in our user interface
  • You want to see billing broken out by these segments separate from others segments
  • You want to offer them to multiple buyers

A feed can be of three types: PublicPrivate-Branded or Private-Unbranded:

  • Private means that the buyer will not see any details of the Feed (ie: # of segments, 30-day user counts, overlap against 1st party data) without first requesting access from you. The request is facilitated in your Audience Marketplace UI. E.g. Custom Feeds must be of type Private.
  • Branded means your company name shows up in both the Audience Marketplace screens and the Manage Datascreens of Buyers. The Audience Marketplace screens are where buyers go to subscribe to your data (the Buyer version of the UI you have access to now) and the Manage Data screens are downstream screens in Audience Manager (ie: where they build other segments using your segments, or apply your data to campaigns).
  • Unbranded means your company name is never exposed to the Buyer in either the Audience Marketplace screen or any Manage Data screens.

See the documentation to learn more.

Creating a Feed

See the UI documentation.  Creating an active Feed will make your data offering visible to potential buyers in the Marketplace.

A feed is made up of the following components:

  • Name
  • Descriptiona 
  • Data Source
  • Contacts
  • Pricing for each use case
  • Availability & Settings

Feed Name: The Feed name is a text label that will be seen by potential data buyers as they browse in the Marketplace. It is also a field used in the search feature of the Marketplace. The following are recommendations for your need name:

  • Keep it to 90 characters or less (technical limit)
  • Begin the Name with your brand, like "Acme - Demographics"
  • Include something short but descriptive about the nature of the data, like "Acme - Demographics"
  • Use key words that buyers might use in a search
  • See the specifications to name a Custom Feed

Feed Description: the Feed description is a short paragraph viewable to Marketplace buyers. It should help them understand how your data is valuable and different from other offerings. It is not a place to describe each Trait/Segment in the Feed -- that is to be done in the Trait descriptions. Recommendations:

  • Use 2047 characters or less (technical limit)
  • Include information about the geo coverage of the data
  • Give some information about the quality or uniqueness of the data

Data Source: selecting the Data Source is how you identify which Traits/Segments that you are offering in the Feed. All Traits associated with the Data Source you select will be accessible to buyers that subscribe to the Feed. Only one Data Source can be selected for your Feed and it cannot be modified after you save -- so choose carefully.

Feed Contacts: contacts can be specified to receive email notifications about subscription activities, such as:

At least one contact is required and contacts can only be chosen from existing AAM users within your account. 

If you have a Distribution List or a group email for the purpose, create a user using that email address and choose that user as the contact.

Feed Pricing: pricing in the Audience Marketplace is done at the Feed level -- not for each Trait/Segment. This means that you'll want to group your Traits/Segments in Feeds based on similar value in addition to similar data catagorization. 

It's a requirement to have a Segment and Overlap plan at $0 Flat fee for every feed. Please make sure you add this plan to each feed separately.

See documentation for creating your pricing plans.

Availability & Settings: you must make the following selections for your Feed:

  • Inactive vs. Active - only active Feeds are visible to buyers in the Marketplace. You should leave your Feed "Inactive" until you are sure everything is set correctly.
  • Public vs. Private - Refer to the "What is a Feed" section for more information
  • Branded vs. Unbranded - Refer to the "What is a Feed" section for more information  

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