Once you have active Feeds in the Marketplace you need to maintain those Feeds and manage the subscriptions to them.

Managing Subscriptions

The following are important tasks to perform when managing subscriptions.Viewing subscriptions -

  • you can view active subscriptions to your Feed by navigating to Audience Manager > My Shared Data, then click one of the numbers in the subscribers column. You will then be taken to the Current Subscribers view for your feed.
  • Deactivate subscriptions - if needed you can put subscriptions in an "off" state. Learn more >
  • View the Monthly Billing Report - see reporting on subscriptions and billing for all of your active Feeds. Learn more >
  • Reply to Information Requests - potential buyers can request more information about your Marketplace Feed from within the Marketplace UI. These requests can be viewed in the My Shared Data area, under each Feed. An email notification will also be received by the creator of the Feed. 
  • Offer Discounts - you can offer discounted pricing to specific potential buyers. 

Modifying your Feed

To modify any aspect of your Feed you must first make your Feed "Inactive". Do this by using the slider in the "Configuration" view for your Feed. Only Feeds that have no current subscribers can be made "Inactive". You will have to contact subscribers and ask them to unsubscribe if you need to make your Feed "Inactive" for any reason. 

Once in an "Inactive" state you can modify any setting for your Feed except the Data Source, the Public/Private and Branded/Unbranded settings. You can then make the Feed "Active" again once the desired changes have been saved.

Deactivating your Feed

If you no longer wish to offer your Feed in the Marketplace you can place it back in an "Inactive" state. To do this your Feed can have no current subscribers. Once "Inactive", buyers can no longer view or subscribe to your Feed in the Marketplace. Feeds can not be deleted.

If you can't make your Feed inactive due to current subscribers, you can rename your Feed with a prefix "[DO NOT USE]" or "[INACTIVE]" etc. to discourage new subscriptions.


Deprecating a Trait in your Feed taxonomy

If you want to discontinue a trait or set of traits in your Feeds, you may not be able to directly delete them from your taxonomy as long as the customers are using them. You will get an error if you try doing it. There are few recommended ways of dealing with these traits:

  • In Audience Manager UI or using the Bulk Upload Management tool, rename the trait with "DEPRECATED" or "DISCONTINUED" as a pre-fix. e.g. DEPRECATED - Age 19 - 25
  • [Optional] Create a new folder within each Feed taxonomy, name it as "DISCONTINUED TRAITS" and move the deprecated traits of the feed to this folder after renaming them.
  • Communicate with your client regarding these deprecated traits and what should be the replacement for the same. Let them know the cut-off date.
  • Stop populating these traits with audiences after the Cut-off date.
  • Revisit these traits after some time (weeks or months) to check if you can delete them.

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